New Space for a Beloved Warhorse

New Space for a beloved warhorse-

One of the shortcoming of Breidablick is that it only has one bedroom upstairs over the kitchen. This is a real pity since the building has such a great kitchen and living room space and the one bedroom is a delight with its large dormers and great view and many angled ceiling.  This the bed room is my favorite at the farm, even though I have never slept in it and unless Marijke throws me out, never will.

So given this issue, I asked Brian Hayes, the master timber framer who did the superb work on Campanula, if he could come up with a couple of drawings for an addition located on the East side between the existing building and the railroad, roughly 16' by 16.'

So have a good look at this drawing, the new room could be an extra bedroom with a bathroom or a combination bedroom and studio for art work and day time sitting.

Windekind BB Addition 072116_2Brien did a second drawing, ( see below) one that depicts a two story addition on the same 16' by 16' foundation. This one would not mix studio space with a bedroom insuring more privacy. But Brian and I both felt that it gets a little out of hand turning the now cozy Breidablick into a monster building that is out of scale with the area.

What do you think?



Windekind BB Addition 072116_1


  1. Steve and Tanna on August 24, 2016 at 8:05 AM

    Good morning Mark,

    Thanks for reaching out for opinions on the next phase with the evolution of Breidablick. It’s a beautiful structure and adds such character to the farm, we can understand that care and concern as you think about this next step.

    My initial impression is consistent with yours – does this change the scale and somehow feel out of balance with your original design. I’m not sure that I can tell from the rendering and I’d like to hold it up in front of us all, walk the Breidalblick parcel, and see how it feels face to face.
    Another conversation this weekend when we feel like stretching our legs.

    See you soon.


    • mark on August 24, 2016 at 9:37 AM

      Thanks Steve,

      We think a lot about Breidablick’s future seeing lots of options. I am glad that these drawings are on the table and look forward to our discussion. There was a wonderful family in the building who just left, reminding me how much we enjoy the presence of a family. They spent most their time at the ponds with Elsa and out in the meadow with the cows–happy children voices. All this made me wonder what we would have to do to make Breidablick more family friendly.

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