Navigating the Maps:


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Special Instructions:
The map above  is a "clean" map showing only the private parcels and six zones in the Commons. However, it is set in a layering tool, using an app called "Layered Lists. " To activate this tool and see the many layers on the Windekind/Commons map, click here-   Layering Tool.
Once open, go to the layering drop down  tool that is right in the middle of the tool bar on the upper right corner of the map page.
 When you are  in the layering tool click on the comment button (the top button) and all the comments will appear and you can add comments in the areas that you want to talk about.  You can also click on the comments of others and add your own 2 cents to their comments.
The other important button to check out in the layering tool is called "Labels: Areas & Zones 2." Click this and lots of magic can happen-all the names of the zones and lots will appear along with their areas. This layer corresponds with a Description of the Land Use zones.
I have had the pleasure of working with four families at the farm on the map controls finding that a quick way to get folks up to speed. An alternative is to work with you in a phone conversation and, have course I will answer your questions in E-mails at the speed of light--- please don't hesitate to ask for help.
These maps are very telling and lots and lots of fun to work with.

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