Emma and Forrest

Emma and Marijke_

Emma and Marijke on a recent visit to the farm.

Forrest and Maja_

Our oldest daughter Maja and Forrest


Emma will be a senior at Bowden College this year, her life is so interesting that I wish I could walk in her shoes and do what she is doing. At Bowden, she is an art major and as such spent her last semester in Amsterdam studying Dutch are and architecture. This summer she attended the Harvard School of Design and did arcitecture projects. Her instructor wrote of her work- " I would encourage you to continue this trajectory of being self-critcal of your work, and always test the clarity of your ideas in your work, taking the opportunity of each iteration through modeling, drawing, etc to better  refine your concepts and language"

Forrest will be a freshman at Bates College also in Maine. Forrest is a world class Nordic skier with a very promising athlectic career in front of him with olympic potential. He is, like his sister, also a serious intellect digging into some impressive projects while asking himself, as he should, where is my focus.

Forrest and Emma will be here for dinner this Sunday--we look forward to some long and interesting chats--stay tuned for updates. Special in this visit is their loving warmth with us.

How could we ask for more.


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