Expenses and Outcomes

Expenses and Outcomes: 

Landscaping: More then half our landscaping expenses have gone into tree thinning and clean up according to our Forestry Plan, required by the state for Act 250. The remainder of funds have supplemented, by about 25%, our general landscaping budget with the intent of making the farm as tidy as possible.

In our focus on lot development we have tried to balance between three lots spoken for- The Plantation, True North and the Middle Kingdom. More resources have gone into the Plantation, because the area was the most undeveloped. (Expense to date- $7,351.66)

In addition, I have put in about 85 hours of unpaid labor into these areas doing thinning, clean up and log skidding. This work has given me the opportunity to make close observation of the parcels, their aesthetics, soil conditions, wetlands, flora and fauna.

Permitting: Most the permit resources have been directed toward Arrowwood, Dori Barton has marked the wetlands and Aaron and I established contour lines though out the residential and neighborhood zones. Then Aaron created a multi layered master map. This map will be very useful for ongoing permit work, surveying, engineering and landscape design with Permaculture in mind. It will also be a great tool to help us build consensus around land use issues. We have also dedicated money toward our forestry plan done by Fountain Forestry; this plan will be key in making forestry determinations in these areas and linking Forestry projects with other projects. (Expenses to date- $3,612.66)

Again, I have contributed a fair amount of labor mostly working directly with Aaron on establishing contours and overall map development.

Marketing: Our marketing emphasis has been on the Members portion of the web site creating a web page within a web site that facilitates communications, develops information and makes outreach that will inform and attract new members. John Hadden has focused to the technical and navigational aspects of the site, costing $710.25 to date.

I work on the web site and Facebook almost everyday.


We are pleased, utilizing whole system design protocol, with the various outcomes on the parcels that will make it easier for you to envision what is possible on the parcels and its costs.

The second major outcome is the refinement and development of three-core computer systems- the web site, the mapping program and our accounting system. These systems will grow and evolve as the project matures becoming vital tools that will foster planning, consensus decision-making, infrastructure design, marketing, outreach and implementation. Now, with these foundations in place, I seek to share them and their skills with you.

Going Forward: Marijke and I intend to continue to invest the major portions of Design Deposit income back into the farm following the established patterns reflected above with the major emphasis on permitting until that work is completed. Given this goal, it is very important to get some consensus going around these projects, a review of projects and priorities should be a focus of our August meeting. In preparation for that, I will have more specific cost estimates and other project details available.

At the moment, we have $15,885.98 in the Commons account that will cover some additional landscaping work and permit work. However, we could run out of funds to complete permit work, that is why it is so important to get more new blood, skills and funds into the project.

Accounting Summary:

Total Income:   $45,000

Mark and Marijke owner payment: 3 x 3,200= $9,600.

Marketing           $917,42 (this includes [payments to John Hadden and other expenses that we incurred with the Open House in May)

Landscaping       $7,351.66 (this includes payments to Nils for work with his excavator -$3,012.60, tools and parts for tractors, stone purchase and about 25% of garden and lawn labor costs.

Permit         $3,612.66 (payments to Arrowwood (3162.25) with remainder to Fountain Forestry for forest plan)

Loan repayment $6,000.00  (Marijke and I used $6,000 to repay a loan through Nils to Debbie and Terry Allen. We also barrowed, from the Commons, $1,000 to get a pellet furnace project going in the house. These loans will be repaid back into the project once we start closing on the sale of property.)

Current Balance- $15,855.75 the account is up to date and reconciled. I plan to send it details to Joe, who has indicated that he would like to put it on Excel for better viewing purposes while incorporating more detail.

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