Breidablick Cottage

A sturdy and elegant place to be
Created to honor a Scandinavian heart.



Carl Larsson (28 May 1853 – 22 January 1919) was a Swedish painter representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement. We have always loved his renderings of intimate family life set in the Swedish countryside. Breidablick more then any other building at the farm reflects his style. (Carl Larsson)

Breidablick's foremost interior feature is the living room. Once the blacksmith shop, the room’s most unique feature is the cathedral ceiling spanning up to a windowed copula 23 feet above the wide oak floors. During the day, the room dances with natural light streaming in though its many south facing windows and a pair of french doors that open out to a stone patio. It is a lovely room with the stone forge still in working condition, wide board oak floors, wainscoting and other trims details.











Breidablick's kitchen  faces south with the big views of the gardens, the ponds and the meadow. It is a large and robust space well equipped with modern appliances and a complete set of cooking utensils, along with all the flatware and table settings. Adjoining the living room, it is a perfect setting for family gathering and engaged cooks. 



 Breidablick's main bedroom, following principles of Scandinavian design has lots of light and spectacular views, it is a space that embraces its occupants.