Our Policies and Philosophy

Our Philosophy: We hope that our policies strike you as clear and reasonable with a degree of flexibility built into them since we all have unique needs and it is important to us to work with that. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our policies or special requests that we might be able to help you with.

Cottage Rates: 
 rates vary according to season, holidays, and day of the week. In general rates are lowest in the early fall and spring, and on weekdays versus weekend days, (Friday and Saturday). There are also the following special rates:

8% discount for all returning guests.
4% discount for all bookings longer then 4 days
7% discount for all bookings 7 days or longer.
In the case of Campanula there is an “extra person” charge of $20.00 per person/per night, it is in effect when the total number of lodgers in Campanula is more than 4. Children, under, twelve, are free.
Special note: the maximum discount is set at 12%
All discounts, because they are customized, are applied after we have received your booking. After a customized booking is entered we will confirm, by e-mail, your booking and its reduced cost.

Reserving Cottages: 
The best way for you to book is to use the “Lodging Availability Calendar” button found on our web site. This will bring you to our Availability Calendar where you will be able to see exactly which days are open for each building and its rates. The Calendar takes the guesswork out of booking, and allows you to shop around for the best date and cost combinations that fits your needs. If you have any questions at this point please call or email (mark@windekindfarms.com)

When a reservation is made we do require an advance deposit of 33% of the entire cost that is calculated at the time of the booking.

Should you cancel outside of 21 days prior to arrival, your deposit will be refunded, less a $100.00 administration fee. Should you cancel within 21 days, your entire deposit will be forfeited. We do make exceptions to this rule for weather and health related issues.

Vermont Rooms Tax: 
All payments for lodging and weddings are subject to the 9% Vermont Rooms and Meals Tax. Your folio will indicate these amounts as a portion of the total.

Linens, appliances, firewood, washing machines and utensils: 
Each cottage is complete with all needed linens, firewood, pots and pans, flatware and other useful utensils. Campanula is equipped with a washing machine and dryer. Guests in other cottages may use the machines in the Farmhouse.

Maps, trips, things to do, and other useful information: 
We make a big effort to supply you with useful material like maps, lists of local restaurants, and locations for recreation and tour ideas. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions!

Check-In and Checkout Times: 
We ask that check-in time be after 1:00PM, and checkout time be prior to 10:30AM. We make every attempt to be flexible and always consider special needs in Check in or check out procedures.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the Farm’s buildings.

Pets are welcome at Windekind, we charge an extra $10.00 per day for pets. The Farm is a member of the Vermont Pet Friendly Network. We ask that guests keep their animals with them at all times and bring all necessary equipment for their care. We also ask that guest be responsible for any damage or additional cleaning incurred by pets.

Trail Use: 
Their are numerous trails on our 160 acre farm and neighborhood which guests are welcome to use for hiking, snow shoeing and skiing. In the case of trails on other landowners’ property and the State Park, we ask guests to respect our neighbors’ privacy and property while being sensitive to ecological areas, rare plants, and animal habitats. Information on the Park and its trails is always available at the Farm. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails of adjacent landowners except those associated with maintaining and the grooming of trails.

Telephone and Broad Band Internet Access: Our cottages are furnished with telephones for your convenience and safety. All local calls and toll free numbers can be made at no charge. However, the phones have blocks that require a calling card for long distance calls. The Studio and Campanula have broadband Internet and ROKU streaming devise that gives you access to all local TV channels and to movies on Netflixs. Emergency calls can be made from the Farmhouse if necessary. Please note, that we do not have cell phone reception at the Farm.

Evening Quiet: 
Most guests come to Windekind for the Farm’s tranquility and quiet. Therefore, we ask that all loud outside sound such as music or loud conversations stop no later then 10:30 PM.

The Railroad: 
We make every effort to operate the Railroad at times suitable for our guests and ourselves. Special or extended operating times can be established. Because of the expense associated with the creation and upkeep of the Railroad, plus insurance costs, we have a fee schedule for various options.

  • Basic rides and operation for single family up to six persons with electric locomotives between 30 to 45 minute duration at $55.00
  • Basic rides and operation for multiple family up to six persons with electric locomotives for about an hour duration at $80.00 additional time.
  • We do operate the Railroad for larger groups and events like a group picnic for more extended periods of time up to half a day. In these longer and larger events we can offer multiple locomotives, including steam as an option. Please consult with us on a price for these larger events.

The Commons: As explained elsewhere in this web site the Commons project is underway which means eventually Campanula will not be available for short term rentals.