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The Commons is a direct outgrowth of our lodging business, guest  have come to the farm for eighteen years some as many as twenty times. Many guest have been like family, we share stories, guide them in exploring Vermont and have in common many things that we love: nature, recreation, Vermont. and  environmental stewardship.

To sustain this, since we can’t run the lodging business forever, we have come up with a transition model that would allow people to live here permanently. Instead of coming for a weekend or a week, you can come for a lifetime and call Windekind home. You can raise children here, plant a gardens, ski and hike, raise chickens and take the time to know your neighbors and share with them meals, a long walk and a children’s play group. You can build a shop, start a business or expand and build on a careers and professional skills that you already have. We have put a lot of thought into what people can do here to live an interesting and purposeful life, you can see more about that on the Commons's  Web Site.

This has led us to transition the property into a model of ownership that includes nine individually owned house sites of approximately one acre, while each of the 9 households also own a 1/9 share of the remaining 131 acres or the equivalent of 15.5 acres total.  The original farmhouse, our home, and two rental cottages (Breidablick and Campanula) that are now for sale as part of the Commons. Six new homes, owed by the new families, will be added.

Spacing between homes will be generous enough to ensure room for privacy and individuality, while also providing a sense of community. Helped by the natural features in the area, we have created a highly integrated landscape in our planning allowing us to weave commonly owned land thought-out the residential portion of the community giving members very direct access to picnic areas, lawns, gardens, trails and commercial space.

The overall cost of owning a parcel and the 1/9 share of the Commons land ranges from $110,000 to $165,000 including all infrastructure development and permit costs. The costs of Breidablick and Campanula cottages are $280,000 and $445,000 respectively. If you decide to join in, our experienced team work will work very closely with you to support all aspects of the design and building process.  We will keep the Studio, and therefore stay in the lodging business, with this little gem that started it all, over 18 years ago.

Please continue to come for a short stay or, if you like, a lifetime.

For more information, please go to our web site and we would love to hear from you.

Mark and Marijke




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