Windekind's gardens, where creativity and nature meet

Careful hands and open hearts have shaped three ponds and nine gardens forging a cohesive and colorful medley of spaces and areas.

Marijke, by nature, is a perennial gardener,  she loves permanence, the fact that lasting plants grow and change year after year because they have a place here at the farm.  She loves the fact that a mature perennial, garden like this one becomes a dazzling variety shape and color with a mind of its own, yet she has a hand in shaping and sorting that.


In our gardens we have always let nature be our guide by starting with what is and then working with that, a design with nature approach. For example we save as many indigenous trees as possible, study patterns of new growth beside the activity of our perennial beds often blending perennial and native as one. We follow the course of a brook or the shape of the land that the glaciers formed.

The sinuous curves of stonewalls create boundaries and spaces to explore while serene pathways into the adjacent forest invite journeys around the farm and deep into the wilderness. Brooks, ponds, lawns, terraced hillsides, spruce forest, and giant rock outcroppings are Windekind's landscape of diversity.

lawn and stones_