New Track on the CCRR

Kennew RR const

Hello Everybody,

Thirty five years in the making, the Cold Creek advances inch by inch.  We started with a 2,500 foot loop, and quickly discovered our mistakes then about five years ago set out and re-engineered and rebuilt the entire original railroad.   Once the dust settled from that venture,  we started the Meadow Line that goes east across the meadow following the contours of the hill side arriving in the forrest and crossing on top of a waterfall with a return loop.  This is an ambitious and exciting project that warrants from all,  close scrutiny of its  impact, especially when considering our whole systems and permaculture approaches.

Here we see the track building process, first the railroad is graded by removing top soil, establishing its grade and curvature.  Then we add weed block material, the track made in 10 foot panels all bolted together and start filling in with ballast. Inch by Inch! - the train goes forward in glorious fun!

Pictured here is my good friend Ken Streit, Ken has been helping me with track construction for about six years, I could not begin to do this without his wonderful company, knowledge and help.  He has had a hand in  everything good that has happened to the track and many other parts of the farm, like me he loves landscaping.

Ken is a  legacy here in his own right.

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