In the company of Meadow

big view meadow_Meadow and pond_ Massy and Mark_ meadow and cow._ Meadow and pond and house_
The Meadow:
When Marijke and I first came to Windekind our attention focused on the 13 acre Meadow in front of and to the east of the old farm house. At that time young tree, were claiming the fertile Meadow as their own. The land cried out to me to be reestablished for agriculture honoring the hard work of the old farmers who cleared it in the fist place.
Since then we have had a long and happy love affair with the Meadow, first we grazed our cattle on it, then we seeded it and cut hay, grazed horses and finally, for the past 15 years, the Taft Family’s lovely Jersey heifers have been our bovine companions.
The Meadow is such a delight just to live in---our first soul satisfying views in the early morning and last in the evening, as we age the view engages and deepens, like great wine it gets better and better with age.
I mow it once a year, it makes me so happy to be out there is the cusp of it''s mountainous grasp-- In the Company of Meadow-- all that vast space, birds overhead, the mountains all around with our old and very trusted Massey Ferguson tractor growling beneath me.
Marijke and I are busy with a project at the farm called the Commons at Windekind; amongst many things the project integrates creating community principles with Permaculture principles. 
We are doing this for many reasons—sustaining the Meadow is a grand one.

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