The best story in these mountains... one that has been playing out for more then 30 years. It’s a  story about neighbors helping neighbors and collectively creating a 25 mile network of outstanding Nordic and hiking trails.

An all volunteer Board of Directors was formed to keep this sprawling network maintained and groomed day after day for hundred of skiers each winter. This happens because of the visionary leadership of Dave Brautigam, who is the Ray Kinsella (in “Field of Dreams”) of these Mountains. It also happens because there is a deep commitment by many in our community to insure that Nordic recreation, in these mountains, is available to others. Many, with chain saws and shovels in hand, join David’s army to keep the trails open, drained and groomed. 

To visit the CHNSA web site, click here CHNSA Web Site.

Windekind has always been a part of this adventure, cheerleading, providing access to our land and contributing in other ways. In the winter we join our friends, guests and neighbors to ski nearly every day and invite guest, at no charge,  to do the same.